social-mediaSOCIAL MEDIA

Everyone is into social media these days. Chances are your kids have more Facebook friends than you do. But how do you turn Facebook fans and Instagram followers into cash? Engagement. Your page needs to be as cool as that guy in high school who wore a black leather jacket and rode a Harley. To win at social media, you need to create a community where people want to hang out and interact with each other.
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Public-relationsPUBLIC RELATIONS

We know what you want. Your name, in lights. And we can make it happen. In fact, we can make you so famous, they design a bat signal just for you. Our clients are regularly featured in big-name media outlets, and have gotten very comfortable behind a camera. Why? Because they are interviewed a lot. And we mean, A LOT.
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Lead-generationLEAD GENERATION

Believe us. We have had enough experience with those greasy “Give me money up front, and I can get you thousands of leads by tomorrow” guys. They are creeps and big liars, which is why we started our own lead gen company. Our clients needed leads. Real, qualified leads that converted into dollars, and we delivered. We got so good at it, we decided to officially add it to our Superhero powers list.
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What we are about

Whether you are the head cheerleader, or Peter Parker before he became Spider-Man, we know how to get people talking about you. We find out what is unique, cool, and different about your company, and then combine it with our mad social media and PR skills. The result? More followers, more media, and more leads.

Why Choose Us

  • Because we are the best.
  • Refer to #1.
  • We get the job done right. After all, we’re Superheroes.


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