5 point checklist before you promote a post.docx

Are you posting great content but still not getting the results you desired?  It may not be your fault.  In marketing a product on Social Media we can do a lot of work to make sure we have shareable content that is posted at the peak time of day.  And the reach won’t go much further, because Facebook might be holding you back.

Facebook uses an algorithm to sort out which posts will show up on a person’s timeline.  Edgerank is the unofficial term for Facebook’s sorting algorithm.  So how many people are you reaching with each of your Facebook posts?  “The average Page reaches 16 percent of its fans with each post (1).”  The numbers are still up for debate, but most are around 3 for every 20 fans.  If your reach is better than this, then promoting might be a waste of time.  And remember unlike a page ad, promoted posts are visible in the mobile Facebook feed.

Now you see why considering paid advertising and/or promoting a post is not only important, it is essential.  So now I give you the 5 things to check before promoting a post on Facebook.

  1. All Hands on Deck

When you decide that you are going to promote a Facebook post, be ready.  You are going to want to collect a lot of data, so you can see the real effect of your promoted post.  Be ready to watch your website for visits, sales, interactions, time on site, also watch your other social media sites, maybe your twitter follower’s rise.  Make sure to have stats before and stats after to compare

  1. Content

Content is always king.  Make sure that what you are sharing is relevant, and speaks to your audience.  Also it is good to make sure that there is at least some engagement with the post before you promote it.  Lean towards posts that are more fun and less sales.

  1. Link Check

Make sure you have a link.  Most of the time you don’t want to simply drive people to your Facebook page, you want to drive them to your website.  Make sure the link works, and preferably goes to a clean landing page that is directly related to the post.

  1. That’s so Yesterday

Keep it relevant.  A good rule of thumb is to post something that will stay relevant for 3-4 days.  While a regular post will only be seen at most, within 24 hrs.  A promoted post may be seen several days after the original post.  Keep that in mind.

  1. Promote offers

Remember CONTENT!  Yeah this could have been placed in that check list, but it really needs its own.  When you plan to offer a major discount, or some special offer this is a great time to promote a post.  You are spending money to give the offer, don’t let the offer fizzle because it isn’t promoted.

Promoting a post can be a great way to reengage with people who may not follow you as often, and is a great way to get the most out of a post.  For a full list of questions and answers, here is a link to the Facebook help page on Promoted Posts.  If you’re still unsure, contact us.  We are always happy to see what ways we can help you navigate the Social Media Landscape.