Marketing Lessons from Unlikely Sources

Some of the best lessons in marketing can be learned from the most unlikely sources.  This simple marketing technique is actually patterned after the Mafia!  Relax it’s not illegal it is a philosophy that can truly provide great success to businesses who implement their strategies.  What you need to do as a business owner is to create an offer your prospective customers just “can’t refuse”! Offering something so great and irresistible will provide great exposure and a following of customers or clients you never had before.

So how can you find that irresistible offer?  When considering what kind of offer you want to present you should first ask yourself these questions.

-Will this offer instantly compel my prospective customers to act or purchase? Is it a good enough deal or incentive for someone to want to make a purchase?

-Does this offer entice my customers to say yes I want this product or service now not later.  If they don’t feel the need to purchase from you now an offer from a competitor could come up and a prospective sale is lost.

-Am I sharing with my customers a product or service that they will miss out on by not responding.

Once you have considered the answers to these questions you can start to create that offer that your customers “can’t refuse”.

Examples of such offers would be introductory offers, one time discounts, free products or services with purchase etc.  One thing to be sure of is how you word your offer. You don’t want it to appear as though your businesses is offering these things on a regular basis or your customers will not feel it imperative to act and will simply wait until the next one comes along.  Using phrases such as “this is too good an offer to refuse” or “only for a very limited time” etc.

This seems very simple but it really is amazingly effective.  Attracting customers this way can lead to long term relationships and strengthen the relationships you have with current customers.  The key to maintaining these customers is to take care of them and make their experience with you so valuable that they never want to leave even when other offers come their way.

The next step is remembering to present this offer to as many potential customers as possible.  With social media this can be very simple just be sure to present on the platforms that fit with your client base.

Take advice from the Mafia and start using irresistible offers to grow your business.