Marketing is an incredibly important part of owning a business to create leads and generate business and customers. Because of the constant and ever changing nature of technology, social networking and marketing strategies are always evolving as well.  As a business owner it is crucial to stay on top of all of the new trends to give your business a necessary leg up on the competition.  Some of the newer trends of 2013 may be surprising but consider utilizing the following in your marketing strategies.

Smarter social networking is something to consider.  In the past, the goal for business owners was to put their business up on all of the social networking sites out there to attract the most leads possible.  However, this is not relevant anymore. Now we are seeing businesses with sites on social media networks that are most relevant to their business simply because businesses were spreading themselves thin trying to put themselves out on every site.  Instead of doing that they should concentrate on providing great and substantial content and choose sources that are a good fit for their company.   Of course not all social media sources are perfectly suited to every business but the key is for a business owner to decide which platforms are the best and most worthwhile places to reach their potential customers.

Another trend in the past was to put up over-stimulating content and unfortunately that became tiring to see.  The focus now is to make things simple and provide information that will help to make the consumers life simpler.  If a customer is interested in what you are providing on social networking sites they will pass this along to their friends and families and soon the outreach is much greater.

The largest change we have seen is in the mobile market.  Count on mobile being one of the largest line items on every marketing strategy this year and in years to come.   Adapting marketing strategies to fit in with this popular trend will be of great benefit.

The main thing to remember when marketing a business is to keep a watchful eye on the trends and adapt and change as they do.  To keep up with the competition this is crucial and will provide the greatest results.